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Win a Nevada dispensary license
Get involved in a multibillion dollar industry. Medical Marijuana is Nevada's newest legal cash crop. Dispensaries in other states have grossed over $20 million in a single year. The scope of developing a successful dispensary application can seem overwhelming but with our years of experience and connections in the medical marijuana industry we'll ensure you reach your goals. Our team of experts include doctors, lawyers, proposal writers, product safety technicians, security experts, civil engineers and medical marijuana cultivators.
We help organizations develop winning applications, we don't actually issue medical marijuana permits or licenses in the states we operate in. In Nevada we expect strict medical marijuana laws regulating the medical marijuana dispensaries. We also expect competition to be fierce for cultivation and dispensing permits. We know from other states that by making the best proposal, that is proposals that are graded superior, the chances for obtaining a medical marijuana dispensary permit are far better than the lower graded applications.
30 Dispensary
packages available
Get an advantage over the competition with our medical marijuana dispensary packages and show the Nevada Health Division of the Department of Health and Human Services why your organization is best-suited to obtain a dispensary license.